International cooperation
The Commission Against Doping in Sport is actively involved in international cooperation, which entails relations with different international organizations.

CAHAMA - Ad hoc European Committee for Word Anti-Doping Agency
The Committee monitors the decisions made by the Foundation Board and Executive Committee. Furthermore, CAHAMA conferences are a good forum for the exchange of views with WADA representatives on topical anti-doping issues.

T-DO Monitoring Group, Anti-Doping Convention of the Council of Europe
The Commission’s representatives take part in the meetings of the monitoring group, which has been set up to monitor the observance of the anti-doping convention by its signatories.

WADA- Word Anti-Doping Agency
Cooperation with WADA involves, e.g. incorporation of the World Anti-Doping Code  into Polish legislation as well as the implementation of educational programmes and test result management.

International Sport Federations
Cooperation includes exchange of athlete whereabouts information and laboratory test results. In exceptional cases the Commission Against Doping in Sport asks federations to take action in the Polish sport association which it supervises.