Structure of Organization
The Polish Commission Against Doping in Sport is an organization responsible for the development and implementation of the anti-doping programme in Poland. The Commission is a state institution, supervised and financed by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism.

The bodies of the Commission Against Doping in Sport include Commission Plenum, Commission Presidium, Commission Offices, Doping Planning and Sample Analysis Review Team and TUE Committee.

Commission Plenum
Commission Plenum sets the directions of the Polish anti-doping policy within the framework of the qualified sport act. It is a body composed of eminent members appointed by the minister responsible for sport. The work of the Commission Plenum is headed by the Commission President, who is elected by an absolute majority of votes in the presence of at least 50 percent of all members. The Commission Plenum meets at least 4 times a year. Commission members include persons who represent different professions in the fields of sport, biology, law and medicine.

Commission Presidium
The Commission Presidium meets in-between sessions of the Commission Plenum. Its responsibilities are identical to those of the Commission Plenum, except for drafting legal regulations and the Commission’s financial plan.

Commission Office
The Commission is composed of the Secretariat, Test Management Unit and Chief Accountant. The Office is an executive and administrative body and its responsibilities are defined in the regulations and the qualified sport act. The work of the Office is headed by the Commission Office Director.

The Secretariat administers the work of the Commission and its other organizational units.

Department of Result Management
It is the main organizational unit responsible for doping tests, collection of whereabouts information, coordination of doping test teams, collection and archiving of test results and analysis of test results. The work of the Unit is headed by the Test Management Unit Officer.

Chief Accountant
Responsible for the Commission’s finances and preparation of draft financial plans.

Doping Test Planning and Sample Result Review Unit
The main responsibilities of the Unit include: approval of short term doping test plans, analysis of completed doping test documentation and test result review. This Unit meets at least once every two weeks and is composed of 3 persons.

Therapeutic Use Exemption Committee
The Therapeutic Use Exemption Committee is a team of people responsible for reviewing applications for therapeutic use exemptions and declarations of use. The Committee is composed of highly qualified specialists in pharmacology and medicine.

Commission’s organizational chart
Commission’s Statue