We all have different backgrounds, are of different age, represent different professions and have diverse passions. This diversity helped build an experienced and dynamic team, which is always open to new ideas. We are determined to make our work as beneficial for others as possible. We think that such an institution as the Anti-Doping Commission can function effectively only if and when it develops as an institution and if and when its staff has a clearly defined career development plan. Development makes our work more effective and enhances our image. We are always open to new ideas and are ready to listen to the opinions of others. We make every endeavour to help athletes keep clean and to participate fairly in competitions where those who lose are sure that the winner’s victory was preceded by fair and hard training. Most importantly, we are not alone in this endeavour – we are often assisted by people involved in sport and by mere observers. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions.

Director, Commission Office
Michał Rynkowski

Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration, Warsaw University, responsible for the administration of the Commission Office, coordination of Commission work, international cooperation and cooperation with other organizations, development and implementation of anti-doping programmes and development of draft regulatory documents.

Head, Result Management Unit
Piotr Wójcik

Graduate of the University School of Physical Education in Łódź, coach, former water polo team member, responsible for the implementation of doping control plans, analysis of doping results, preparation of doping test trips, cooperation with the Doping Control Planning and Sample Analysis Evaluation Team, management of systems used to collect gathered information. He also monitors the issuance of decisions about anti-doping rule violations by Polish sports associations.

Specialist, Education and Information
Dr Dariusz Błachnio

Graduate and former academic teacher of the University School of Physical Education in Warsaw. Has worked for the Commission for many years. Author of many articles and books on doping in sport, responsible for the preparation and implementation of educational programmes and organization of training.

Senior Assistant
Joanna Borkowska

Graduate of the Faculty of Pedagogy, Warsaw University. Organizes Commission meetings and keeps its records. In her capacity as secretary of the Commission Office her duties include office administration, website maintenance, employee affairs, management of TUE applications, and cooperation with the Therapeutic Use Exemptions Committee.

Iwona Kocerka

Has worked for the Commission for many years. Her duties include ISO 9001:2008 quality system management, collection of gathered information, preparation of doping control trips, filing and mailing letters.

Chief Accountant
Edyta Gomułka

Keeps the Commission’s account books, makes decisions on fund disbursement, and performs preliminary checks to see whether business and financial transactions have complied with the financial plan.

Bogumiła Jaglińska

Has worked for the Commission for 18 years, first as chief accountant, today as accountant.